Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beauty !!!

Mom was busy with her Saraswati pooja work. All these years she has been trying to imitate and do what all her mom did. Back then it was her duty to always put haldi kumkum on the doors, tv, book shelf, fridge, etc etc.during Saraswati Pooja. (She too used to crib then while doing it). Like wise when she started her own family she followed the same old rituals. Today also she had done her routine. Over then the poojas were done during the day mostly. Here , she has to wait for the office goers and school goers to come home in the evening. Only after that she can do the pooja, almost like doing it before going to sleep.
Rishi came back from school as if he had returned from trekking, with his heavy load of school bag rested on his back.
Rishi: Hi mom.
Mom: Rishi , go and wash your hands, legs and face properly.Change your clothes.Bring your lunch box and put it in the sink and your dirty clothes in the laundry basket.
This is like a stereotyped sentence which mom uses every day without fail. Inspite of doing this for so many years till now she hasnt gotten bored of this ritual. She hasn't even tried to record it and play it instead of wasting her energy every day. She hopes one day her Ramayan will do magic on her son.
Rishi went straight to his room and came immediately: Mamma,(with a strong connotation on "mma") what have to done to my study table? What is that yellow stuff on my table ? It looks so dirty.
Mom: Rishi that is sandal powder. We put this on Saraswati Pooja every year.

Rishi: But, why ?
Mom had no answer for this other than to say "this is how we do in my parent's house." It gives a festive feel .Rishi did you see the rangoli I have done in the front? By the way did you stomp on it ?
Rishi: Yaaa I did see . ( the yaaa was dragged as much as possible to reach the front door). I didnt step on it dont worry.
Mom: How does it look Rishi?
Rishi: Not bad.
Saying so he continued his job of watching tv lying upside down on the couch like a bat.
Mom felt she should not have asked this question to get humiliated like this.
For her, the sandal , haldi , kumkum, flowers, rangoli, all mattered so much in her life. Everytime she did or followed any of the religious or routine rituals at home it brought back to her the old memories .If she had asked her daughter she would have atleast said,"very nice amma or beautiful amma". First and foremost she would have noticed a big spread of colors on the front of the door. At the same time she was thankful to Rishi for not having stepped on it .
A few minutes later Ravi came in saying something. She went to the door and asked "What is it?"
Ravi: Why did you fold the chair which was here? I didnt notice it and was about to sit and fall down.
Mom: couldnt you too notice something on the floor . ( the colors were really vibrant and not to be missed by the eyes.) Or looking at my rangoli and captivated by it did you just didnt notice that there was no chair there?
Ravi : No I just came in and was about to sit and remove my shoes as usual.
It was a plain statement. Like father like son she thought. Not that she will just leave him with this answer. Later she will definetely ask him the same question "How is my rangoli?" Knowing the answer, "good job or just a nod as a sign of acknowledgement or very nice". This is the stereotyped feedback. Still she doesnt give up. As a back up she always takes pictures of her good work and sends it to her parents or friends through whatsap to get appreciation and a few "wows" and few "awesomes". A "feel good" effect . She thanked God that Ravi didnt fall on her rangoli. It was so much of hard work involved. She noticed that one of the edges of the rangoli was stepped on. Immediately she went inside and brought her colors and did the touch up work.

Ironically, The table forever filled with scattered books and things all over became  dirty  just with a few drops of Sandal on it. 
Sum and substance Mom understood one thing. Yes! "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!!!"

Saturday, October 17, 2015


I have been waiting for this day
for the past eighteen years.
Now it is at my doorstep
but , I am not sure 
whether I should cross and go to the other side of the door.
Last day of being called a child,
Last day I can blame my parents for all my childish mistakes.
Last day I can throw tantrums for no reason and still be forgiven.
Last day I can get any "under eighteen" discounts.
From tomorrow,
I will walk into the world of the adult.
I can drive a car all alone.
I can go to the pub all my myself.
I can get married , and even sign a legal document.
I can be employed legally and walk head high with my pay cheque.
Above all, I can decide what I want to do all my MYSELF.
Will I cherish this new found freedom?
Or , will it be a burden on my shoulders?
Will I start missing my childhood days as everyone does?
Does it mean I will age faster?
Does it mean I have more responsibilities?
Does it mean I have to take care of myself ?
A long way to walk through.
Will it be a maze?
Will I be able to fit in the pieces and solve the puzzle all by MYSELF???
Bye bye childhood , here I come adulthood......