Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crooked Path.......

Guess you would have come across the news about the fake certificates produced by students for admission into Engineering and Medical Colleges. Almost 500 students have obtained fake marksheets by paying bribe. What is the value for real hard work? Already due to the reservation quota many deserving students are affected. Students who are supposed to be the pillars of our future India are culprits right in the bud. When such disgraceful act is carried on in the Education Department how can we expect our future generation to be genuine engineers and doctors?

All the guys involved in this should be punished severely. It has been brought to light this year. Think about the number of such students who have gotten admisson in the previous years. Will the government dig into the matter and punish even those students who already got admission through fake certs? Education is not only a tool for earning money. It is a tool to refine a person. Being educated doesn't mean just obtaining a degree. It means moulding one's character too.When the first step taken to pursue education itself is a crooked step how will the following steps be straight?

I am shocked to hear that over ambitious parents who wanted their children to become engineers and doctors through some means have really put their children's lives at stake . Now that their marksheets have been seized they cannot get into any college. What is their future going to be? Will they be asked to write the examination again? Or will their answer sheets be reviewed and the real mark sheets be given to them? In case they have to rewrite the exam when is that going to be? Or Will they be barred from future education? What kind of punishment are they going to get? If a case is being filed how long is it going to take for the judgement? Will the government speed up the investigation Or will it be just like any other case--"judgement pending". At the end of the day, the lives of those who sought a crooked path is going to be crooked too.

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valupaiyan said...

I appreciate your views.
They not only cheated government,they spoiled with the genuine students life.
Its very shame that the culprits involved in this scam are from education department.Its happening for long time. as you mentioned if Govt put stringent investigation,for the previous students , lot of real things will come out.
Its well known that the culprits are mainly from Political,influential,fmilies.
Suggestion: To avoid this water marked,hologrammed, and emmbedded electronic chip certificates should be issued like some foreign countries.


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