Friday, October 1, 2010

Enthiran Virus

There has been this virus called Enthiran virus going around for quiet some time now.  It has spread across continents  without any boundary barriers.  It is very contagious I feel. The treatment for the virus is inside the theatres --on the screen. The treatment became available since yesterday. People are thronging to the theatres in huge numbers. I heard there were thousands of fans who slept at the gate of the theatres. It is like a religious ceremony in many places . It looked like that deepavali had already come . People were celebrating the release of the movie by bursting crackers, doing poojas , abhishekams and what not. It was resembling a total festive occassion.

  My house has also been caught with the virus . The most affected is my dear hubby.  He came late from office yesterday . I was waiting for him till 11.30 but he didn't turn up. I was wondering how come  the conferance call was taking so long? When he finally came at 11.30p.m. I asked him why he was late. He told the call went for long time and then the next words out of his mouth were that  Endhiran movie was a super hit. Now the cat was out of the bag. I knew why he was late. He has been reading through all the reviews about the movie.  He didn't have the patience to come home and read the reviews.  . Today morning he got up and was again going through the reviews. According to me you can know whether a movie is good or bad before going for the movie but reading many reviews will only make you watch the movie through other's eyes. You won't have your own perspective while watching the movie. You tend to concentrate on the details  what others' have enjoyed. I feel we should always go for a movie without any preconcieved ideas or notions.  This will help us to analyse the movie better. You may ask "what is the use of analysing a movie?. As long as it is entertaining it is fine."  Yes, when I was young my dad would never allow us to discuss about any movies once we came home  after watching the movie. It was tabooed.  But now we discuss with our kids about the movies we watch. They seem to know more about the making of movies .

 My son who generally doesn't watch Tamil movies is very much interested in watching Enthiran movie. The main reason behind his interest is that all his friends are going to watch it. He just wants it to be dubbed in English though.  We have booked the tickets for Sunday show.  Wherever you turn this is  the talk of the town.  Friends call up and ask ,"when are you going?" To some it seems to be a great previlege to watch the movie on the first day.  I personally don't like to watch any new movie on the first few days because of whistle sound and the over excitement of the so called "fans". They don't let you listen to any dialogues. I cannot enjoy a movie in such an environment. But Enthiran is an exception. The reason is, should I say because of the hype created for the movie or because of team involving the Super Star, Sankar, and Ishwarya  ? To some extent it is peer pressure also which is leading  us to watch the movie as soon as possible. Orelse you won't fit into the pack. Just to know whether the movie has met all the expectations is also one among the causes for me turning into an early bird..Hence I agreed to watch the movie on Sunday with my family. From young to old everyone is excited about the movie. To become a part of the Enthiran history I have to watch the movie ASAP. Let me wait till Sunday to watch the movie.

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