Saturday, October 17, 2015


I have been waiting for this day
for the past eighteen years.
Now it is at my doorstep
but , I am not sure 
whether I should cross and go to the other side of the door.
Last day of being called a child,
Last day I can blame my parents for all my childish mistakes.
Last day I can throw tantrums for no reason and still be forgiven.
Last day I can get any "under eighteen" discounts.
From tomorrow,
I will walk into the world of the adult.
I can drive a car all alone.
I can go to the pub all my myself.
I can get married , and even sign a legal document.
I can be employed legally and walk head high with my pay cheque.
Above all, I can decide what I want to do all my MYSELF.
Will I cherish this new found freedom?
Or , will it be a burden on my shoulders?
Will I start missing my childhood days as everyone does?
Does it mean I will age faster?
Does it mean I have more responsibilities?
Does it mean I have to take care of myself ?
A long way to walk through.
Will it be a maze?
Will I be able to fit in the pieces and solve the puzzle all by MYSELF???
Bye bye childhood , here I come adulthood......

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