Monday, March 22, 2010


"UTOPIA" -- imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Can this imaginary place be seen in reality? Yes, it is just near possiblity if only few expectations come true.

Husband says :: My house will be an Utopia-----

If I can sleep whenever I want and as long as I want.

If no one bothers me while I live with my lap-top.

If my kids don't disturb me when I watch tv.(especially when I watch news)

If my wife doesn't ask me to go with her for shopping.

If I am let to eat whatever junk I want and whenever I want.

If I can live in my own house like a paying guest--no responsibilities, no questions to be answered, no arguments, no fights.

If my wife doesn't compare me to other "good husbands".

Above all if my better half keeps her beautiful lips tight intact no matter what I say, what I do.

Won't this be a state of bliss??


Wife says :: My house will be an Utopia-------

If all the things are in place.

If my kids and my husband listen to me at the first call of mine.

If my husband offers to help me without my pleading (begging).

If my kids do their music practice on their own without me pestering them .

If they will clean up their room .

If the sound from the tv and music system wouldn't tear off my eardrums.

If my kids won't fight with eachother.

If everyone in the house will eat the food I cook without any complaints.

If my husband comes home before 7p.m and doesn't touch his laptop.

If my teenage girl doesn't stick her ears to the phone.( thank god flat rate for the land line phone)( mobile phone allowed only on weekends --- there is rationing for texting too thank god for that too.)

If my boy washes his hands and feet after coming from the playground.

If I need not ask hundred times in a day "Have u flushed the toilet clean? Have u left the bathroom clean?" 'Have you put the dirty clothes for wash?"

If they give the computer and tv some rest when they are at home.

The list is endless ....................................

Not because I am expecting too much

Because I am more concerned about my house and family.

You may call me "prejudiced" for this.But this is My Way .

Children say :: Our house will be an Utopia---------------

If we can watch 24 hrs tv, play on the comp.

If we can do only what we want to do and the way we want to do.

If our mom cooks pizzas, burgers, pastas, and noodles everyday.( Say No to Veggies )

If there is a rule "No Studies At Home".

If we have the freedom to bring back the lunch if we don't like it.

If our parents always listen to us and not make us listen to them.(as if we do)

If we can wear whatever clothes we want .

If we can leave things wherever we want to.

If our parents can buy us whatever we ask for.

If there is no same boring lectures from the "professor--parents."

We have many more to go but again our parents will say "you all are spoilt brats." Once again their never ending old stories of "when we were young ......." will start.

Is an "Utopia" in visibility for anyone ? Waiting to know......

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