Friday, March 26, 2010

Who is going to bell the cat????????????

Being the grandparents of 90's generation and

Seeing our children and their way of life,

Can we call ourselves to be lucky or blessed?

We did not run around taking our children class after class.

We never had the necessity for arranging play dates .

We seldom socialised for the sheer need of our kids.

We hardly experienced the pressure of smiling unvoluntarily in birthday parties almost every week.

Neither did our kids bombard us with so many questions nor did we let them do it.

Computer was not a must in our homes so we never worried about " parental supervision on the net".

We made them do what we expected out of them, not let them do what they wanted to do.

We did not break our heads about how to entertain them during holidays--- Doors of relatives were always open.

We never had to worry about the airfare for visiting our dear ones--becos we hardly travelled by air.

Our kids did not experience the peer pressure for dressing, carrying latest gadgets or for holiday venues.

Our houses as well as our ears were soundproof of whining and complaining tones.

Our children did not hang "Enter At Your Own Risk" or "Dare to Enter" sign boards outside their rooms.

We didnot use the plastic cards so our kids knew the value of money.

Our Children's taste buds were alien to burgers,pizzas and chips.

We did not get confused by referring to childhood psychology or parental psychology books for bringing up our kids.(ignorance is a bliss at times)

Above all the real world as well as the cyber world was much much safer than today.

They had the opportunity to experience and enjoy the innocence of childhood.

Do we pity for our children or for our grandchildren?

Forgetting about our joyous childhood days

Who has changed this planet into anti-children?

Who is to be blamed for this?

In the name of independency , dependency on non-living things is being encouraged in our grandchildren.

Who is going to bell the cat??

As you strive to save this planet forget not to "Save Our Grand Children".

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