Sunday, February 28, 2010

What would you like to name this?

We all talk about spending quality time with our kids and family. Even in my house we talk a lot about this. Most of the time the talk leads to argument and finally disagreement. Which I guess is the case in almost every household. When I ask my busybody husband to spend some quality time with the kids the answer he gives is invariably, "Ok, lets watch something on the tv or go for a movie". According to him sitting together in the same place means spending quality time, which I personally disagree. How can watching tv be quality time?It all starts with wat movie to watch? The disagreement starts with the selection of the movie. In the worst case if one of us doesnt like to watch the movie there is always another choice for that person to go and watch something else in another room. First of all, there is no conversation between anybody. We all are glued to the tv screen that we forget the presence of other person in the same room. We laugh at the jokes individually. There is no sharing of any jokes during the show time.The only conversation is "can we have something to eat?" As the lady of the house , I am entitled to provide the snacks when they demand. I am happy atleast for this they open their mouth. If at all one of us opens the mouth to say something there is always this moaning from someone " cant u keep quiet and watch . I cant hear the dialogue, or I cant concentrate,or if u guys want to talk y cant u go inside the other room and watch." The quality time centers around the word "I".When a similar thing was happening non stop in one of my friends house, she unplugged the tv in the living room and hid all the wires. She is so lucky that her family atleast for the time-being pretended to understand the underlying reason behind it and didnt attempt to reconnect the tv. So when everyone is in the living room they have no other choice other than to talk to each other. I wish this could happen in my house too one day. This is even more worse when in the name of spending quality time we take the kids to the theatre. There u get a big bag of popcorn and never even let the children utter a word other than keep munching the popcorn during the whole movie.During the interval u open ur mouth to ask "Do u want to use the restroom?"Especially when the kids are around 4 to 8 they keep asking so many questions which annoys us and at the end of the movie we feel that we missed most part of the movie.In some movies which we are interested, we tell the kids to keep quiet and watch and that at the end of the movie we wud answer their questions. But all this we do in the name of spending QT with our kids. Yes this is supposed to be approved as quality time. While I call it whiling away the time my husband gives it a respectable term "Quality Time" becos he is without his laptop and is sitting along with us. So wat wud u like to name this???????

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