Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conscience------What is the price of it????

For the past two weeks "the talk of the town" (Tamil Nadu state in fact) has been about the labeling of the expired medicines with new expiry dates. When I read the news I felt like shooting those culprits right then. There has been a huge network involved in this dirty, filthy business .This has been going on for the past 20 years all around India. Many children, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases ,people of all ages have been affected because of this. We go to a doctor for a cure and take medicines to get cured of our ailments. In this case medicines have turned into the cause of ailments. Pregnant women who took medicines hoping to deliver a healthy baby have been put on stake. Not only does it involve their life but also the unborn future generation of our country.

People sometimes blame the doctors for prescribing wrong medicines which don't suit them. Some patients even have adverse effects because of the medicine. Now we can understand that part of the problem lies on the standard of the medicines supplied by the pharmacy. When expired medicines are sold how can a person be expected to be cured of his illness. People who take long term medicines for their illness don't even know that many of the side effects are due to the expired medicines. How can the public be educated on this? We buy medicines from the pharmacy looking at the expiry date(if we are aware of it). But when the expiry date itself is changed what can an educated or uneducated person do on this matter.

To avoid paying the doctors (most of the time they don't have money for consulting a doctor) sometimes uneducated poor people go to pharmacies to get medicines hoping that the pharmacists will give them the right medicine if they explain their problems to them. To make their profit out of the loss these pharmacies have been selling the expired medicines. When innocent people are cheated in this way it is like ripping off their heart when alive. Now the government is taking actions against such people . Everyday loads and loads of expired medicines and cosmetics are being disposed in open areas. This in turn also is polluting the environment . There is a specific way of disposing the chemicals. To avoid being caught, these heartless animals are throwing them away in lakes and ponds.

The government of Tamil Nadu has announced Rs.25 lakhs for any information regarding the misuse of expired medicines. If the government wants any kind of co-operation from the public on this matter then they should give enough security for the lives of the people who are ready to give information about the culprits. There should be severe punishments (capital punishment) for people who gamble with human lives. Like in Middle East they should be stoned to death in public places. How did they escape for twenty long years without being caught? Such is our Indian bureaucracy. The government has been blindfolded for twenty years. It is unbelievable!! With such existing conditions India is trying to promote Medical tourism. Ironical !!What gurantee can be given to people who come to India for treatment? When people from foreign land come to know about this malpractice do you think anyone will want to risk their life by opting to come to India for treatment just for cost-cutting? What kind of belief will anyone have in our medical system?

How dare these people label the expired medicines with new dates and sell it in the market? So many pharmaceutical companies have been selling the expired medicines to agents, who have been acting as a a bridge in this underground dealings. Crores and crores of money has been earned by many while millions of innocent lives have been used as gunea pigs. Is this because of the flaw in our legal system? What have the authorities been doing all these years? Are there so many stone hearted people who close their eyes to this malpractice? Money, Money, Money this is all they want. For their greed why should the innocent lives of people be staked? Do they have any conscience?

As it is in India we have no control over the quality and effects of the pesticides or the fertilizers used in the food products. Because of this there is a huge rise in cancer patients. India which has tones and tones of gold stored in bank lockers does not have clean water to drink. Right from wells,lakes , and rivers every water source is polluted. We already have a lot of sources to make us unhealthy. On top of this now we cannot even take medicines to cure our diseases. Is this because Indians are ignorant or they are ready to compromise on the health issues?

We proudly say that India is an young nation with lot of youngsters when compared to other countries, where the majority of the population is getting old. We all are of the hope that India by 2020 will be a great economic power. WE can probably boast to become a great nation in all other aspects in life other than human values. Value for human life is zero in India. Is this because of the unbeatable population we have ? We claim to be a land of religions, hospitality, love, affection, moral values??? what not?? We all are very emotional but it is short lived emotional display. We talk about a problem with so much of emotion for a few days then we all go into Alzheimer.

We all talk about the lack of proper infrastructure in India. First let the priority be given to the health of the people. If we have healthy people we can achieve anything in this world. Health is Wealth. Let the governments first take measures to provide people a healthy living. Awareness should be created at all levels among the population about healthy living. We all get educated mainly to raise our standard of living. Let us all first raise our standard of thoughts. Then everything will fall in place. Value for life should be taught right from young age.

For a few people to become millionaires we cannot let millions of lives to suffer . The central government should take the right action as this is being carried on as an All India business.(Indians are very good in expanding their business even in moon).They should not yield to any external or internal pressures on this issue. I feel that the whole ring involved in this should be busted. They should be dealt severely. The punishment given to them should become a lesson for others who even think about such frauds. No bails should be granted to them. The case should be done in a short time and the punishment meted out immediately. No appeals. Let our law makers prove that human life is precious than everything in this world. All the criminals involved in this should be punished--right from the clerical level to the top rung in the ladder. They are worse than the terrorist, who take the lives of the people at one shot. These people are like slow poison in our social system. Hope our democratic government proves "IT IS FOR THE PEOPLE."

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